Thursday, 27 September 2012

'Businessman' uses car to reopen barrier

The issue of through traffic joining or leaving the M27 via Rownhams services still persists. It matters because it is a hazard to legitimate users of Rownhams Lane and is the likely cause of several documented injuries to adults and children using the nearby cycle path.

This website is part of a campaign to put pressure on Roadchef to fulfil their obligation to the Highways Authority and prevent non-essential traffic using the rear access road.

An update from our correspondent on fixmystreet:
I went to have a look a the barrier this morning. It was open and four vehicles passed me in the few seconds it took me to cycle down to it from Rownhams Lane.
Roachef's response was:
The North Barrier had been working up until 19th September when a business man had driven straight into it. The barrier is designed to break upon any impact. We are in the process of claiming through the insurance which I have chased today.
The barrier had been operating correctly for perhaps a few weeks until this happened.

How can a competent driver collide head-on with a retro-reflective, substantial barrier? Perhaps the clue is in the word "businessman" which, in many cultures, is synonymous with "crook"

And why do Roadchef even mention insurance? Roadchef has a legal obligation to prevent "businessmen" and drivers of other non-essential vehicles ratrunning via their property. If they need to replace the barrier (hopefully with one designed to withstand an impact) they should do so immediately from their own purse. Claims for damages and insurance are for later.  More importantly, we hope Roadchef has involved the police in criminal proceedings for destruction of property and dangerous driving.

We have more dirt to dish on Roadchef including a video where we show how, by failing to prevent ratrunning, they are endangering their own customers. Does anyone know the name of the insurer that underwrites Roadchef for public liability insurance?

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